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Hi everyone! Happy summer :)

Welcome to my blog, where I plan to share updates and thoughts on my musical journey, especially in regards to The Sofia Goodman Group. This is my first blog. If you're still reading, thank you!

It would be an understatement to say that the past year has been challenging. Let me make a virtual toast (with this cup of tea I'm drinking) to never have to hear the word "unprecedented" ever again!! The music industry as we know it is being forever changed, this has been continuous. So, I ask myself "what's the lesson to learn from this?"

I hope over the last year you have spent some time to look inward and be thankful for the blessings you have in life. It sounds corny, but doing it could really bring you some peace. I'm grateful to be a musician, even though it seems to be more challenging than ever to make a living this way. With the changing musical climate, I'm learning and exploring new ways to make money and sustain my skills. Performing has been a big joy in my life, and even behind the curtain when it is challenging, I still consider it as being part of my journey of being alive; it's something I should be thankful for. However, I've had to direct my energy elsewhere the past year with the diminishing gig opportunities.

Recently I finished up a Master's in Commercial Composition at Belmont University. I was lucky to have this experience and look forward to making the most of what I have acquired! During my time at school, I spent a lot of time flexing my composer muscles. I am wanting to get into film scoring work, or writing for media. (Follow me @goodmanfilmscoring) Yes... it's not cool to admit you watch TV as a musician, but I really love a good show (I am a sucker for any show about vampires/supernatural lol) and its an art form I respect... I'm always listening to the music observing the choices the composer has made to convey the emotions.

As for The Sofia Goodman Group, I'm currently sitting on a bunch of demos and compositions. I need to re-record some of the stuff on higher quality interfaces to do these songs justice I feel. It's a shame because I really enjoyed the performances, but I'm confident that we can all do it again and it may be for the best. I'm hoping to raise some money, maybe win a grant if I'm lucky, finish this work recording and put out a new album! I feel like I'm growing stronger as a writer, and although I haven't been shedding as much on the drums as I would like (comparatively), I think this experience is making me a better player there as well.

One thing I have been considering is making some meditative music with percussion. My mentor Jeff Kirk introduced me to percussive sound shaping and it really opened up a door in my head. You can expect to hear some segues on the next album. I am wanting to acquire and assemble a bigger percussion rig where I can create textures. I'd like to make use of a looping station- though I hear they can be tricky in live performance scenarios (I definitely would like to incorporate this in a live performance). If anyone has info to offer on this I would appreciate it! I have been getting back into meditation as well and have some ideas how I can give back to others. I used to meditate a lot, but stopped when I moved back from California to continue my undergraduate at Berklee. I really could have used the meditation, I was so immature in a lot of ways lol! My main reason for stopping was that I felt like I could get more things done. I was practicing/rehearsing/performing around 6-8hrs a day, doing school and working. Sadly, the spiritual abuse I experienced in my late teens/early twenties probably contributed to my rejection of meditation. I think I was wrong in this thinking though, and resuming meditation has resharpened my focus and has helped me tackle the waves life sends every full moon or so. It's helping me be better for myself and others.

Soon I'll be embarking on a vacation to the Grand Canyon! I'm so excited to experience the beautiful nature our world has to offer. It can be so easy to forget. It can be so easy to get consumed by the warlike energy of life. It's natural. Connecting with nature is healing though, even something simple like gardening or taking a walk outside is going to make you feel better. It will feed your creative spirit too! We all need it after this year. Things are starting to look up though, I am trying to wait patiently with cautious optimism.

Thanks for reading and hope to connect with you soon! If you want to reach me please feel free to e-mail me at

Best Wishes,


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