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" Mesmerizing, compositionally rich...These are the sounds that honor the transformative possibilities inherent in the essential elements that surround and sustain us." - Joshua Myers 


"a versatile, risk-taking progressive jazz drummer..."
-Jonathan Widran

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" Built around compositions that let soloists surf waves of tuneful, progressive percussion — think Nick Mason and Flora Purim — Secrets has the classic chops and contemporary vibe that make living in a landlocked state just a little easier."- Sean Maloney


“Goodman’s work strives for lofty goals, takes big musical risks and aspires for the freedom to manifest itself fully...It is truly progressive and fundamentally jazz—and a reason to be excited about the continuing evolution of jazz in Music City.”
-Sean Maloney
Sofia Goodman Pushes Jazz Forward, Musically and Culturally


"Even if I had video, it couldn't come close to conveying the power, vibe and intelligence of Monday's show at Analog. Sofia Goodman is a drummer, composer and band leader who has been in Nashville for a decade...her new album Secrets of the Shore is fantastic and lush - in the vein of. Miles with Gil Evans or Maria Schneider. Complex but not out there or overly dissonant. The horn charts are just gorgeous. But live, oh wow I was floored. I don't know where she found these young hotshots, but. man the talent in this town is crazy. A total all-for-one-attitude."
-Craig Havighurst , award winning music journalist.


“She is a wonderful drummer and composer and has assembled a stellar group of collaborators in performance.”
-Dave Pomeroy, President of Nashville AFM 257



"Drummer-composer Sofia Goodman’s latest solo release Secrets of the Shore reveals her facility with mainstream and straight-ahead jazz, even though she hasn’t totally abandoned the funk and pop elements and influences that were a key part of her 2018 debut LP Myriad of Flowers....The high quality of the playing and extensive nature of the solos — as well each piece’s compositional development — come as no surprise."- Ron Wynn
Another Look: More Recent Release You Won't Want to Miss



“Sofia Goodman is definitely one to listen out for, both as a composer and a drummer.”
-Simon Defty
Nashville based drummer & composer releases ‘Secrets of The Shore’

“Goodman is fearless. There’s no telling where some of her compositions are going but that’s the thrill of it. ”
-Jim Hynes Making a Scene Magazine

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